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American Standard 2023.214.020 Champion-4 Toilet Review

Need Lots of Toilets? This is the Answer!

During my daily working life, I spend a lot of time with people who are looking to upgrade their bathrooms, have a completely new one installed or just want a new fixture. From time to time (and this doesn’t happen very often), I do have bulk requests.

The Toilet Hunt

On one particular day, I was approached by a very professional and somewhat stern looking couple. For a brief moment, I thought I was in for a telling off, however that was soon cast from my mind as a small smile appeared on the lady’s face.

I was told they were the principal and assistant principal of the local school, and were on the hunt for a whole bunch of new toilets. Fleetingly, I thought of a whole school being full of broken toilets, but as we got chatting I realized this wasn’t the case (well not all of them were broken anyway).

They were having major trouble with some of the younger students who were constantly blocking their current toilets, and as it turns out this wasn’t with natural waste!

American Standard 2023.214.020 Champion-4 Round Front Two-Piece Toilet

American Standard Champion-4 Round Front Two-Piece Toilet
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The American Standard Champion-4

So, clogging being the main problem, I immediately decided to show them some information on the American Standard 2023.214.020 Champion-4 Round. Whilst this toilet is great for household use, it’s also robust enough to stand every-day “vandalism” from various youngsters who think it’s funny to stuff something down the bowl to see if it will flush away.

What You Get with this Toilet
Well, you won’t get a toilet seat included but for the customers I was talking to this was the perfect solution. They had a fair number of ages to deal with so being able to buy seats that suited each age group was the ideal solution.

What you will get is detailed below.

The Flush

American Standard has used an accelerator flush valve in the Champion 4 which means every time the handle is pulled, you get a full 360 degree water flow. It also uses a 4 inch piston action which gives one of the most powerful flushes on the market. So much so, that when tested at the manufacturer’s factory, it was possible to flush away a whole bucket of golf balls (not to mention a few plastic toys)!


This was the next benefit I felt was prudent to point out to my customers. With lots of children using the toilet daily, you really need something that will deal with the “wear and tear”. This model is made from Vitreous China. It’s not actually made from China (that just wouldn’t stand the test of time), it’s actually a form of ceramic that’s fired at incredibly high temperatures when it’s made. The end result is a non-porous body that’s coated with a glaze.

Not only that, you benefit from the EverClean surface which adds to the overall ease of cleaning the toilet. This surface will stop stains from forming thus preventing odors. It’s also antimicrobial which will help prevent bacteria, mold and mildew forming.

Economical and Affordable

Unlike a lot of older models of toilet, the Champion 4 only uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush which means you’re helping to keep your carbon footprint and your water bills down. The price for this toilet is probably one of the most competitive around at the moment. The last time I looked Amazon had some great deals. Why not check it out to see if they’re still on?

If you’re wondering about the principals, they ordered a whole bunch of toilets from us which are now happily installed in the school. So, it’s happy teachers, happy cleaners and probably not so happy students because they can no longer flood the bathroom!

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