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American Standard Champion-4 Toilet Review

We All Know What Toilets Are Meant For But…

If you’ve had the time to browse through some of the best toilets before landing on this page, you should have some idea of who I am. Essentially, I don’t want much out of life. I have a wonderful family, a good job and I love being around both mine and my sisters children. Between me and my sister we have 5 kids, and they’re all under the age of 14.

Toilet Incident

As any parent will know, kids can get up to all sorts of mischief, especially when they’re younger and I’m sure I could fill a book with all the stories that were not funny at the time, but are now. One particular instance involved my sister and her 6 year old.

I had arrived to her home for lunch only to be greeted at the door by a very harassed looking lady with a plunger in her hand. When I asked what was going on, the response was “Brad blocked the darn toilet again”, quickly followed by a “thank the Lord you’re here”. Before I knew it, the plunger was in my hands and I was being “helped” towards the bathroom (apparently, that’s what you get for selling bathrooms… ).

The American Standard Champion-4

It took a few goes to remove the offending item from the toilet which so happened to be a small teddy bear that had fallen out of favor with little Brad. The trouble is this wasn’t the first time this had happened so I decided to help my sister out by telling her about the American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4.

One-Piece American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4 Elongated Toilet

American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4 Right Height Elongated Toilet
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Best Flushing Performance on the Market

American Standard has put this toilet through its paces when testing its flushing performance in the factory. In fact, it will handle as much as 1000 grams of waste in one go with no clogging. During these tests a bucket of golf balls were flushed away never to be seen again!

So, how do they do it? The Champion 4 has a 4 inch accelerator flush valve that uses a piston type action, and pushes water into the bowl 3 times faster than a 2 inch. To explain it a little better, this toilet will dump 1.6 gallons of water through your toilet bowl in less than one second!

The siphon trapway is a little less than 3 inches in size which is one of the biggest in the industry and this is another reason why little teddy bears won’t be an issue if they get flushed away!

Cleaning Your Toilet

Aside from outstanding flushing performance, American Standard has also thought about what a dirty job cleaning your toilet can be. They also realize that over time, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up with stains and mildew over your toilet, no matter how much you clean it.

That’s why they’ve used the EverClean surface. You will find this surface on both the outside and inside of the toilet, and it has been designed to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. In fact, you won’t even have to deal with stains or odors either. This cuts down the amount of times you have to clean your toilet, and when you do it will be a breeze.

American Standard Mean What They Say

I’ve come across a lot of customers that complain they’ve read reviews just like this one only to find what the manufacturer stated isn’t exactly true. I have to say that American Standard have stood by this toilet by giving you a full 10 year warranty which is one of the most extensive around.

However, and you MUST know this. This toilet does not come with a seat included so make sure you’re prepared to buy one separately.

Suffice to say, my sister has all but forgotten about her plunger, and who knows where that new bucket of golf balls went 😉

If you’ve read this and have found yourself nodding in agreement at some of the issues outlined, why not take a look at Amazon? They currently have this model in stock at a fraction of the list price. Last time I checked they gave a whopping 43% discount, making it one of the cheapest one-piece toilets around.

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