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American Standard Colony FitRight Review

What to Expect From a Budget Priced Toilet

Over the years, I have come across many customers who think a toilet shouldn’t cost a lot of money, and in some cases this is true. However, you have to remember there is more to a toilet than just pulling a handle so your waste is properly disposed of into your sewage system.

There are all the different types of flushing systems on the market. Different brands use different amounts of water on each flush and of course, the overall look is important too. You also have to consider the noise levels and dimensions of your toilet.
Actually, this is one of the biggest problems I come across. Lots of people see the perfect toilet, think it will look great in their bathroom and low and behold, it doesn’t fit! So, if you take anything away from this review, remember to measure the space you have.

American Standard on a Budget

As you browse through my website, you will notice I have taken quite a broad section from a number of manufacturers, and this is because I want to create a place on the internet that people can trust. This means being honest about the product (good or bad).

American Standard Colony FitRight - Round Front Two-Piece Toilet

American Standard Colony FitRight – Round Front Two-Piece Toilet
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In this review I’m going to give you some information on the American Standard 2436-012-021 Colony FitRight Round. You should have noticed the title to this review is stated “what to expect from a budget priced toilet”, but this doesn’t mean this product won’t serve your needs well enough. You just have to be aware of what you’re getting for your money:

The Pros

  • The dimensions of this toilet may seem a little small. However, when I sold one recently it was to a man who was over 6 feet tall and I would guess weighed about 200lbs. To date, he is very happy with his purchase and has told me this toilet is great for his smaller bathroom.
  • The design is two piece which means exactly that, it comes in two pieces. This means the manufacturer can keep the price down and it’s easier to transport.
  • The flushing system with this unit is a round front siphon action system and is something that’s found in many toilets in this price range.
  • The color it’s provided in is ‘bone’ which makes this a very neutral addition to your bathroom.

The Cons

  • Be prepared to buy your toilet seat separately as it’s not provided with the main unit, so this is an additional cost to think about.
  • This toilet is a little noisier than most when it’s flushed, but it’s nothing extreme.
  • Because it’s a two piece toilet, this can make cleaning a little more difficult because dirt can get trapped between the seam of the bowl and the tank.


If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money and you don’t mind the added expense of having to buy the seat separately, this toilet is pretty easy on the pocket.
If you’re interested in finding out more, Amazon have a few left in stock at well below the list price (last time I checked). It was being sold for less than $150, a true bargain.

It’s the cheapest model I have reviewed, and while it’s certainly not the best toilet you can find, it does a very decent job overall.

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