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American Standard 2886.216.020 H2Option Dual Flush Toilet Review

The Perfect Answer to Toilet Comfort

If you’ve been browsing through my website because you’re a little undecided about which model of toilet you would like, you will no doubt know what I do for a living and that I’m a huge family man. This may seem a strange way to start a review for a toilet, but the fact I sell them (among other bathroom fixtures) does mean toilets play a fairly large part in my life.

It also means that many of my family members turn to me when they’re looking for something new. For this toilet review, I’m reminded of my uncle who is a traditionalist at heart and he doesn’t believe in any fancy “bells and whistles” when it come to fixtures in the home (unlike my aunt, but that’s another story)!

Discussing Toilets

I went to dinner at their house with my wife and kids one evening, and I noticed my aunt kept giving me a meaningful look which was somewhat puzzling. Anyway, she eventually made an excuse for us to go into another room for a chat. I was expecting her to discuss what gift to get my wife for her birthday, but to my surprise she wanted to discuss toilets (out of my uncle’s earshot).

American Standard 2886.216.020 H2Option Dual Flush Right Height Two-Piece Toilet

American Standard 2886.216.020 H2Option Right Height Dual Flush Toilet
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It seemed he was having trouble with his knees and their current toilet wasn’t helping. She had tried to get him to consider a new one, but he was having none of it. In fact, he said that all toilets were the same – you sit on them, do your business and flush it away!

The American Standard H2Option

Obviously I was expected to give her some advice and what sprang to mind was the American Standard 2886.216.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush. What made me think of this model was the following.


Of course, this was the most important aspect for my aunt and her current predicament. The bowl for this toilet is elongated rather than round, and it is set at a height that isn’t that different to a chair. My uncle is a little over 6 feet tall so this was the first point that got my aunt’s interest. Of course, an elongated bowl is far more preferable than round for overall comfort.

Power Wash and an EverClean Surface

Unlike a lot of other toilets on the market, you get the benefit of a 2 flush system with this one. This means you can opt to do away with about 400 grams of waste on the light flush, and a whopping 1000 grams on the heavy flush. The Siphonic action technology used means little noise, and a powerful one-time flush.

The H2Option also has something called a pressurized rim. I apologize for my lack of technical “know-how” here but in plain English this means the water that’s pushed from specially configured holes in the rim is pressurized, resulting in a power-wash over the whole bowl.

The EverClean system is something else that may grab your interest (it certainly grabbed my aunt’s). This is a surface that has antimicrobial properties. Not only does it stop stains and odors over the life of the toilet, it will also help prevent mold, mildew and bacteria forming.
All in all, you have a toilet that needs less cleaning with a surface that looks like new for longer.

Other Points to Consider

  • This toilet is a 2 piece, but that makes it easier in terms of getting it up the stairs!
  • It doesn’t come with a seat, however, the price does reflect this.
  • IT WILL save you money on your water bills. The light flush uses a mere 1 gallon of water per flush, and 1.6 gallons on the heavy flush. In fact, the H2Option carries the WaterSense certification.

So what happened…?

Oddly enough, my uncle never had anything to say on this subject, but the next time we went to visit this toilet was already installed. I asked my aunt how she’d managed to convince her husband and she just said “I showed him the price”!

You can get this model from Amazon who have some great deals at the moment, but if you’re looking to spend even less and you’re not bothered about having a round bowl, why not take a look at my review for the American Standard H2Option Round?

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