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The Benefits of Bidets and Washlets

If you have had the time to look through my website you will know that I have to deal with a lot of friendly banter from family and friends because of my interest in toilets. I happen to believe there are a good many reasons why I think this fixture in your bathroom needs some thought, but not everyone agrees.
Anyway, my latest find (as you’re about to find out) is bidets and washlets, and I think these are a great idea for any bathroom.

Some of you might think this added extra is just another “gadget” to spend money on, but then you must be a little curious otherwise you wouldn’t be reading what the benefits are. So, before you go ahead and take a look at the bidet and washlet reviews I have for you (which you can find here), see what the benefits are below.


Now this is where I am incredibly fastidious. Yes ladies, you might not believe it but I’m one of those men that can’t stand mess and I think about the damage germs can do. Maybe it’s the line of work I’m in – who knows?

Anyway, having a bidet or washlet installed in your bathroom will use nothing but pure water to help keep you clean after you’ve been to the toilet. In fact, you can use them anytime just to freshen up without having to run the shower.


Whilst some people prefer a bidet as oppose to a washlet in terms of comfort, overall they both offer a new level when you’re trying to stay clean “down below”. Using toilet paper can be abrasive and many types also contain perfumes which can irritate sensitive areas.

Some models even come with heated seats, temperature control for the water so you don’t get any nasty surprises and some even have oscillating nozzles so you get a good clean both back and front.

Environmentally Friendly

I can feel a few “rising of the eyebrows” with this sub-heading but its true, bidets and washlets are eco-friendly even if they do use water. You see water can be recycled whereas toilet paper cannot. In fact, to give you an insight into just how much bathroom tissue we get through in America, take a look at these statistics:

  • 36.5 billion Toilet rolls will be flushed into sewage systems over the course of 12 months which means pulping up to 15 million trees!
  • For those of you who are still stuck on the water consumption argument think about this. Over 473 billion gallons of water will be needed to produce enough toilet paper for everyone, and if that wasn’t enough it will also take over 250,000 tons of chlorine which is used in the bleaching process.

So you see, the amount of water a bidet or washlet will use pales into comparison!

Medical Conditions and the Elderly

There are many medical conditions that will result in you not being able to wipe properly when you go to the toilet. Just as an example, hemorrhoids is one of the main reasons people consider using something other than toilet paper to stay clean and fresh (for obvious reasons). A bidet or washlet can also be very useful for new mothers or the elderly where mobility can be an issue.

Of course, I’m not here to say you MUST buy a bidet or washlet, but I at least hope the information above has given you an insight into the benefits they have to offer.

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