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Toilet Paper Considerations

Talking about toilet paper isn’t exactly the sort of subject you would bring up at a dinner party (unless of course, you happen to be an elderly and somewhat disgruntled grandmother who is less than happy with the brand she found in the bathroom!).

However, when you think about it we all have our own little niggles when it comes to our choice of toilet paper. Comfort probably comes out on top, but it might also be that you’re watching the pennies, so making sure you get the most from your bathroom tissue is what matters most. Of course, getting the most from it is about how many sheets you get per roll!

It could also be that you’re conscious about your carbon footprint. Considering toilet tissue was originally a tree, and most Americans will go through two trees worth of paper a year just in the bathroom it’s easy to understand this concern.

You see toilet paper is actually more complicated than you think. It’s generally something we just pop in the shopping cart as an essential, but I would like you to try this the next time you buy some. Do you prefer a particular brand? Do you like something really soft and fluffy? Do you even look at the price when you buy it?

The above questions are, for the most part, subconscious so below I’ve decided to let you in on a few things that might make you “think” the next time you’re at the store:

Comfort and Strength

Having some nice soft toilet paper in your bathroom adds a certain touch of luxury to a bodily function many of us steer away from in open conversation. However, if you always buy say three ply tissue instead of one or two, you might be spending more than you have to.

You will notice that many manufacturers not only advertise “soft and luxurious” but also “strong” but using a three ply tissue might not be any more comfortable or stronger than two ply. Unfortunately, it’s all about the brand and the only real way you’re going to find out which is best is to try different makes.

Watching Your Budget

Buying toilet paper that’s cheaper or advertises more sheets per roll than other brands might be a false economy. The reason for this is that if the paper is of a low quality i.e. it’s pretty thin and breaks easily, you might end up getting though more than you would by purchasing a more expensive brand.

Blocked Toilets

One of the biggest reasons a toilet will clog is down to paper. It could be that your kids have had a “field day” in the bathroom with the toilet paper, or it could be that you’re simply using a brand that’s too much for the model of toilet you have.

There are a mind boggling amount of choices on the market and we’ve even seen wet-wipe type tissues become available. Whilst these brands are great for added freshness and a feeling of comfort, they might not flush as easily so its worth think about this.


People who are conscious about the environment complain bitterly about the amount of toilet paper we all go through, and this has sparked a massive influx into the market of various brands that are made from recycled paper. Whilst I would say it is worth trying recycled toilet paper (and remember it will never be recycled again), it does depend on whether you’re prepared to sacrifice that added feeling of comfort.


It’s very easy for me (or anyone-else) to say “you should use this type of toilet paper” but at the end of the day, it’s a very personal choice. Just think about some of the points I’ve made above and at least try a new brand. You never know, you might like it!

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