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TOTO Drake CST744SG-01 Toilet Review

No More Double Flushing – EVER!

Bathrooms are something I take a great interest in. Not just because I’m involved with selling them, but because I happen to believe this room in the home should be as comfortable as anywhere else. After all, we spend more time in this room than you might think.

Toilet Complaints

Because of what I do for a living, I am often descended upon by friends and family members asking me all sorts of things about the best fixtures they should have when re-modeling a bathroom. Oddly enough, one of the items people tend to struggle with most is choosing a toilet.

Everyone needs a toilet, and the list of complaints is endless! For one friend of mine who, at a BBQ (after a few too many glasses of wine), decided to tell me he was utterly fed-up with having to double flush. He was about to tell me why this was the case, but I soon cut that short. Even in my line of work, I can be subjected to too much information!

TOTO Drake CST744SG-01 2-Piece Toilet

TOTO Drake CST744SG-01 2-Piece Toilet
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The TOTO Drake Flush

Anyway, when he had finished his little rant, I instantly thought about the TOTO CST744SG-01 Drake 2-Piece Toilet. The obvious reason this model came to mind is because I knew it would solve my friend’s “double flushing” problem and here’s why..

TOTO has used a G-Max siphon jet flushing action which is among some of the latest technology on the market at the moment. This means the minute you flush your toilet, all the water and the waste in it is gone never to be seen again. No double flushing, no matter how heavy the waste might be!

The manufacturer has also used a flush valve that’s three inches in size. Just a bit of trivia for you, this is 125% larger than flush valves you’ll find on many other models. You also benefit from a trapway that’s larger than most (just under 3 inches).

Add all of this together, and you have a toilet that will deal with all types of waste quickly and efficiently.

Other Benefits with this Toilet

OK, so my friend was already sold when I told him how the Drake 2 works, but I thought it only fair to let you all know some of the other benefits you can expect.

  • It has a fully glazed trapway using SanaGloss technology which means harmful minerals and bacteria won’t stick to it. In fact, every-time you flush, the bowl will be cleaned as well. Some of my other customers have noted this toilet has cut “brushing” time down by about half.
  • You won’t get a toilet seat included for the price, but TOTO has made it possible for you to buy a SoftClose seat with it (among others). These have been designed so the hinges lower the seat slowly rather than allowing it to just fall on to the bowl. That means no more loud slams in the middle of the night!
  • The bowl itself is elongated rather than round which adds to overall comfort when you’re sitting.
  • Some people prefer a one piece model (for room and aesthetics), but this model is a 2 piece which makes it easier to transport and you won’t be left lugging a whole toilet up to the bathroom.
  • It’s economical in that it only uses 1.6 gallons of water for each flush so you can keep your water bills down as well as do your bit for the planet.

There is little, if anything to be said about this toilet that can be considered negative. The design has been kept clean and contemporary so it will fit with most decors, and it won’t break the bank either!

To find out exactly how much money you can save buying the Drake 2, take a look at what Amazon has to offer.
They also share a bit more technical information.

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