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TOTO SW502-01 B100 Washlet Review

Eliminate the Need for Toilet Paper

What! I hear you cry, never use toilet paper again? That was exactly the response I got recently when I was talking to a friend who was complaining about how much of their budget goes on toilet paper (they have a pretty busy household).

I kind of understand their predicament because my household isn’t exactly quiet, which is why I offered to tell them about the TOTO SW502#01 BW100 Washlet which has been designed to fit on elongated toilets. Of course, this little hygienic addition to the bathroom will require a TOTO toilet but since they have one, I thought it might be the answer to their problem.

TOTO SW502-01 for Elongated Toilet Bowl

TOTO SW502-01 B100 Washlet
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OK, so this washlet might not completely eliminate the need to buy toilet paper but I thought it would go a long way to reducing not just the cost, but all that extra shopping to carry from the store each week.


As I have mentioned, this washlet is designed for TOTO elongated toilets and you will need one of theirs in order for it to fit (so they say). It’s very clean in design with all the controls you need very handily installed to the right, so they’re within easy reach.
It’s available in three colors: Cotton White, Sedona Beige and plain old white.

There are a couple of considerations with the design however. If you happen to be over 6 feet tall or are larger than the average person, this model might not suit you. The main reason for this is the controls sit level with the seat itself so you could end up hitting them by mistake. The other point is the fact that because the washlet has to sit over the toilet seat, it can feel smaller.


Whilst comfort may be impeded to a certain degree if you’re larger than the average person, this washlet won’t feel that different to sitting on your normal seat. Plus, the manufacturer has kindly made sure you can make use of the heat function (perfect for those early morning trips to the bathroom).

The nozzle, which for me is the most important part because it’s where it “all happens”, is self-cleaning with a dual action spray. You also have the option to oscillate the spray so it moves back and forth which is great for an all over clean down below.

Plus, the water temperature that’s delivered will always be warm so no nasty surprises there. The dual action spray can be delivered as standard or there is a soft wash option if you’re someone who is a little sensitive in that area of your body.


By and large, the manufacturer has made it pretty easy to install this washlet. In fact, it can be done in as little as 30 minutes for people who have some idea about DIY plumbing. The only “grumbles” I’ve come across are due to the washers provided which if not fitted properly can cause a leak. However, this can easily be overcome by investing in a set of your own.


For the money (and you can find the price plus some great discounts here at Amazon), I think this is a great way to help reduce the amount of toilet paper you get through, and feel an awful lot fresher once you’ve been to the toilet.

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